This week in the ➡️ #Metaverse — Issue #13

Micaela Mantegna
4 min readAug 17, 2022


A weekly roundup of what’s happening in the digital land(scape). Metaverse ethics, governance and interesting trends from crypto, gaming, AI and regulation.

Hang in there, blockchain kitty!

What’s going on:

Vitalik wants to burn the staked Ethereum of sanction complying
Beacon Chain validators holding 66% of the total stake would comply with sanction requests, igniting discussion on Ethereum censorship resistance.

Amid backlash from privacy advocates, Meta expands end-to-end encryption trial | Ars
E2EE prevents anyone other than the sender and receiver from reading messages.

Nvidia launches new metaverse efforts at SIGGRAPH |
Nvidia just announced a series of technology innovations that bring the metaverse and AI closer together than ever before.

Music in the Metaverse — learn to play the piano in this new augmented reality app — Classic
PianoVision is an augmented reality app that allows beginner musicians to learn the piano via hand tracking technology…

The WTF award of the week goes to…

Krafton INC. unveils “virtual human” ANA

The company has previously unveiled images of its first virtual human, ANA, in June. Starting today, viewers can get a sneak peek inside her daily life with the launch of ANA’s YouTube channel and Instagram account.

“As a virtual influencer, ANA has many hobbies, which include gaming, music, dancing, and fashion. In addition to these interests, her largest motivating factor is spreading joy and happiness through music and entertainment.”

“virtual human” . I will just leave this here…

Not all heroes wear capes:

Hacker jailbreaks control unit that stops farmers repairing their tractors, then runs Doom on it | PC
A recent thread in tech news has been BMW’s move towards nickel-and-diming owners of its cars with microtransactions, a move so popular that BMW software hacks are now available. This is a shard

I Am Not A Robot: AI news

Dude Who Keeps Suing To Try To Get His AI To Get A Patent Or Copyright Loses Again: Appeals Court Once Again Says No | Techdirt
Stephen Thaler is a man on a mission. It’s not a very good mission, but it’s a mission. He created something called DABUS (Device for the Autonomous Bootstrapping of Unified Sentience) and claims that it’s creating things, for which he has tried to file for patents and copyrights around the globe, with his mission being…

TikTok rolls out a basic in-app, text-to-image AI generator —
TikTok has rolled a new in-app text-to-image AI generator that lets users type in a prompt and receive an image that can be used as the background in their videos. The effect is called “AI greenscreen” and can be accessed via the short-form video app’s camera screen. The new effect was first spotted by The […]

Upcoming AI image generator will run on an RTX 3080 | PC
An announcement from comes with some great news for anyone on the AI image generation hype. Stable Diffusion, an image generation software that uses consumer level hardware, will soon be

Meme corner:

They solemnly swear that they are up to no good

Public notice board:

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Ending nugget:

Although CryptoKitties’ demands on the network subsided as players left, gas will likely be the final nail in the game’s coffin. The median price of a CryptoKitty in the past three months is about 0.04 ether, or $40 to $50, which is often less than the gas required to complete the transaction. Even those who want to casually own and breed inexpensive CryptoKitties for fun can’t do it without spending hundreds of dollars.

“The spectacular rise and fall of Cryptokitties, the first blockchain game” by MATTHEW S. SMITH, IEEE Spectrum

Hang in there, blockchain kitty!



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