This week in the ➡️ #Metaverse — Issue #10

What’s going on:

The WTF award of the week goes to…

Gaming news:

Ubisoft Teaches Customers They Don’t Own All That DLC They ‘Bought’ | Techdirt
While we were just discussing how everyone occasionally gets reminded that for many digital goods these days you simply don’t actually own what you’ve bought, all thanks to Sony disappearing a bunch of purchased movies and shows from its PlayStation platform, this conversation has been going on for a long, long time. Whereas the expectation…

I Am Not A Robot: AI news


For Science!!!

Meme corner:

Public notice board:

Ending nugget:



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Micaela Mantegna

Micaela Mantegna

Abogamer. Video Games, Metaverse & AI ethics. Generative AI, Art and copyright researcher. @TED Fellow. @BKCHarvard Affiliate.