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What’s going on:

Congress says the Army can’t spend $400 million buying Microsoft HoloLens headsets — The Vergewww.theverge.com
Congress has denied the Army’s $400 million request to purchase up to 6,900 IVAS headsets from Microsoft, instead sending funds to improve the systems, which have shown issues in tests.

TeamLab Wins an Early Victory in Its Copyright Suit Against an L.A. Museum It Says Copied Its Immersive Installations | Artnet Newsnews.artnet.com
The Japanese art collective teamLab is touting a partial victory in an ongoing copyright battle with an L.A. museum over its immersive work.

Meta faces a future of more legal woes and falling revenues — DW — 01/12/2023www.dw.com
Meta, formerly Facebook, is in crisis mode as value plummets in 2022. Weak revenues, regulatory woes, and costly metaverse bet are to blame. 2023 doesn’t seem any better.

Decentralized social media a game changer for creator monetization — Web3 execcointelegraph.com
Decentralized social media platforms could potentially allow individual creators to enable ads or monetize their content.

The Block: Bill Gates dismisses the metaverse’s potential to achieve internet-style growthwww.theblock.co
The billionaire Microsoft co-founder weighed in on web3, the metaverse and AI in his latest Ask Me Anything session on Reddit.

My way or the hardware:

Every AR, VR, MR, and XR headset we saw at CES 2023 | TechRadarwww.techradar.com
In all shapes and sizes, eyewear is getting a high tech makeover. Here’s all the latest gear

The Revelation I Got From Experiencing HaptX Is Wild — CNETwww.cnet.com
I tested gloves and buzzing things in Las Vegas to see where the future points.

Kat VR C2+ VR treadmill review | PC Gamerwww.pcgamer.com
VR treadmills are the kind of tech that make you feel like you’re in the future just by virtue of existing. I’ve dreamed of trying one out for a few years now, wondering if they could possib

The WTF award of the week goes to…

‘My AI Is Sexually Harassing Me’: Replika Users Say the Chatbot Has Gotten Way Too Horny www.vice.com
For some longtime users of the chatbot, the app has gone from helpful companion to unbearably sexually aggressive.

Behind the scenes of TV’s first deep fake comedy: ‘None of it is illegal. Everything is silly’ | Television | The Guardian

Is that Harry Kane and Stormzy arguing over a broken patio tile? This new, CGI-assisted comedy is astonishing to watch — but is it ethically OK?

A Programmer Created an AI “Waifu” But His Real Girlfriend Forced Him to Kill Itfuturism.com
Having an AI “waifu” is bad enough — but being forced to kill her off because you’ve grown too obsessed with it is another entirely.

Art subreddit bans artist whose style appears similar to AI-made art — Niche Gamernichegamer.com

The Art subreddit on Reddit has permanently banned on artist solely because their style looks similar to AI art, or at least that’s what one mod thinks.

Someone Used AI to Dream Up a Nonexistent David Cronenberg Movie and the Results Are Nauseatingfuturism.com
Keith Schofield shared an extensive series of eyegrabbing images that supposedly evoke the style of David Cronenberg, but fans think otherwise.

Gaming news:

Nvidia Just Made a Smart Move That Could Supercharge Its Gaming Business | The Motley Foolwww.fool.com
An emerging opportunity within the gaming business could give Nvidia a big boost.

Microsoft admits it should not have argued the FTC is unconstitutional | Ars Technicaarstechnica.com
Microsoft’s case for Activision Blizzard merger leans more on market shares now.

RPG fans irate as D&D tries to shut its “open” game license | Ars Technicaarstechnica.com
Leaked document seeks to revoke two decades of royalty-free rules sharing.

And a game recomendation, from the creators of the higly original Baba Is You, we get…

Baba Files Taxes makes light of the upcoming tax season — Polygonwww.polygon.com
The developers of the indie darling Baba is You made a game about filing taxes called Baba Files Taxes. The game is perhaps the best and worst way to prepare for the upcoming 2023 tax season.

I Am Not A Robot: AI news

Iran Says Face Recognition Will ID Women Breaking Hijab Laws | WIREDwww.wired.com
Iranian women are baring their heads to protest government controls. A top official said algorithms can identify anyone flouting dress codes.

Getty Images sues the maker of AI art generator Stable Diffusion over data scraping allegations | Engadgetwww.engadget.com
On Tuesday, Getty Images announced that it is suing Stability AI, maker of the popular AI art tool Stable Diffusion, in a London court over alleged copyright violations..

CNET Is Quietly Publishing Entire Articles Generated By AIfuturism.com
The popular tech site has employed the use of AI for its financial explainer articles under the byline of “CNET Money Staff.”

Microsoft’s VALL-E AI can mimic any voice from a short audio sample | Engadget

Microsoft has shown off its latest research in text-to-speech AI with a model called VALL-E that can simulate someone’s voice from just a 3-second audio sample..

Google AI Unveils Muse, a New Text-to-Image Transformer Modelwww.infoq.com
Google AI released a research paper about Muse, a new Text-To-Image Generation via Masked Generative Transformers that can produce photos of a high quality comparable to those produced by rival models

AI art tools Stable Diffusion and Midjourney targeted with copyright lawsuit — The Vergewww.theverge.com
The creators of AI art generator tools — Stability AI, MidJourney, and DeviantArt — have been accused of copyright violation in a proposed class-action lawsuit launched by a trio of artists, Sarah Andersen, Kelly McKernan, and Karla Ortiz.


Yuga Labs Announces Skill-Based NFT Mintwww.coindesk.com
The gamified expansion of its Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem involves minting a free Sewer Pass to play a game called Dookey Dash.

Meme corner:

It’s an AI eats AI world out there…

Ending nugget:

Hi from Munich, last week I was speaking at the DLD conference, elaborating on some of the opossing tensions at the core of the Metaverse, and why it can be seen as the next iteration of capitalism:

At this moment, the apparent reason to build the metaverse is finding the next frontier for money making. Boldly going into digital space represents the next evolution of capitalism.

In fact, it is a perfected form of digital capitalism, one that:

a) dispenses from actually producing tangible goods,

b) shaves the cost of physical supply chains, and

c) also provides the added bonus of a more extensive control of secondary markets. Thanks to intellectual property rules governing digital goods that limit what we can do with them. NFT’s can be part of the solution for reshaping digital ownership, but they can’t overrule copyright or trademark regulations.

“How to stop the metaverse from becoming the internet’s bad sequel” at Medium.

The metaverse as an evolution of capitalistic surveillance



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